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How to Earn Course Points and Upgrade Courses in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Spy School

Wondering how to earn course points and upgrade courses in Two Point Campus? Here’s everything you need to know.

Whenever you start out at a brand new university in Two Point Campus, your available course/s will be at level one. As the years progress, you’ll be able to upgrade these courses, allowing you to take in more students and qualify them to a higher level. But to do that, you need to earn Course Points.

How to earn Course Points in Two Point Campus

There’s only one way to earn Course Points in Two Point Campus, and that’s by increasing your Campus Level.

Your Campus Level goes up by expanding and improving your facilities. You can read more about increasing your Campus Level here. For every Campus Level you gain, you’ll get ten Course Points. Those Course Points can be spent either on upgrading current courses or adding new courses to your university.

How to upgrade courses in Two Point Campus

You can only upgrade courses at the start of a new year in Two Point Campus, although you can access the Course Management menu at any time. On console, press square (X on Xbox) to access the menu, then press the right shoulder button to access the management tools. From there, toggle to Course Management and select.

In there, you can add new courses or upgrade existing courses, providing you’ve got enough Course Points. To upgrade a course, select it then press X (A on Xbox) to make changes. From there, you can press the + button to increase the level of your course.

Increasing the level of a course will increase how many students you can take, as well as the level of qualification they’ll graduate with. Bear in mind that increasing a course level may mean more expensive campus requirements, so make sure you’ve got the money and resources needed to support any upgrades.

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