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How to Earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus

Wondering how to earn kudosh, a currency used to unlock new items, in Two Point Campus? Here’s what you need to know.

There are two main forms of currency in Two Point Campus, and they’re both important. There’s cash, represented by a dollar sign ($), and kudosh. Cash is what you use to build, upgrade and generally maintain your campus in its day-to-day running. You’ll pay staff in cash, and students will pay you in cash. Kudosh, however, is not as common – but you’ll need this to unlock new items, some of which are essential to the running of your school. So how do you earn kudosh in Two Point Campus?

You’ll not see a kudosh cash flow in the same way you will with standard money. But you will earn kudosh simply by playing Two Point Campus. Meeting goals, getting a new star on a campus and winning awards at the end of the year will all net you kudosh.

Lots of other activities will, too. When you’re in the game, Press right on the d-pad to access the objectives menu. Toggle across to Career Goals, which will then bring up the Career Hub. Here, you’ll see an array of lifetime achievements, all of which you’re constantly working towards – and all of which net you Kudosh for completing.

You’ll need to visit the Career Hub often and redeem any Kudosh that you’ve earned. It’s wise to check it regularly, and you can also access it from the map screen: again, press right on the d-pad, then press right to toggle to ‘Career Goals’. You’ll amass Kudosh rather quickly as you play through the campaign, and don’t forget to spend it on unlocking new items and decorations for your universities.

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