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How to Give a Gift in Cult of the Lamb

Wondering how to give your followers a gift in Cult of the Lamb? Here’s what you need to know.

You’ll find gifts in Cult of the Lamb when you’re out in dungeons. Sometimes they’ll be in the chests that appear when you’ve cleared the room. Other times, they’ll be a reward for finishing a run. However you get them, chances are you’ll amass quite a few of them over the course of playing the game. And so it’s important you use them by gifting them to your follows. But how do you give a gift in Cult of the Lamb? And why should you?

Gifts typically take the form of necklaces, and by giving your follower one, they earn a useful perk. It may be that they’ll gather resources more quickly, or that they’ll remain more faithful to you. Whatever the perk, it’s helpful to give every one of your followers a gift as soon as you get the chance.

To give a follower a gift in Cult of the Lamb, simply select one of them. In the interaction wheel that comes up, choose ‘Interact’. In the next menu, you’ll see the option to ‘Give Gift’. If you don’t see the option, it means you have no gifts to give.

You can then choose one from any available gifts you have. The simple act of giving a gift will increase your follower’s devotion, and they’ll also gain a helpful perk. But be warned: a follower can only ever have one gift, so make sure you want them to have it before you give it.

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