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How to Heal in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb

Wondering how to heal when you’re out in battle in Cult of the Lamb? Here’s what you need to know.

Part town-building sim, part roguelike hack-and-slash, Cult of the Lamb is all about growing and nurturing your own satanic cult. Think Animal Crossing, if Tom Nook was actually the devil. When you’re not catering for your cult’s every need, you’ll be out in a dungeon, fighting enemies. And if you’re not prepared, that can be rather tricky. So tricky, in fact, that you’ll likely take damage more than you’d like. And so, how do you heal in Cult of the Lamb?

Well, since the combat here is roguelike in nature, healing isn’t a core mechanic. You can’t carry potions or tap a button to regenerate health. If you die, your current run is over, and it’s back to your base camp with you. That’s part of the experience: it’s not meant to be too easy. Thankfully, there are some ways you can generate health. But whether you’ll get any of them is completely random.

After you’ve cleared a room in a dungeon, a chest will drop, filled with loot. Often, it’s just coins. Sometimes, it’s food and resource items. Other times, you might get hearts that refill your health. There’s no guarantee they’ll drop, though. You may also pick up a Tarot card that increases your health. You’ll also occasionally find a healing hut on the map as you make your way to the boss, allowing you to replenish all health. But again, there’s no guarantee that it’ll show up.

Hearts come in different colours, too. Your standard hearts are red. Others may be blue or another colour, symbolising that they’re temporary, and once you take a hit, they’ll be gone for good. But still, in every dungeon run, every little helps. And a heart is a heart, whether it’s temporary or not.

So that’s all there is to know about healing in Cult of the Lamb. In short, it’s completely random whether hearts or healing huts will appear. You can hope they do, but in the meantime, ensure you’re making good use of the dodge button to try and avoid taking as much damage as possible.

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