How to Increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus

Wondering how to increase your Campus Level in Two Point Campus? Here’s what you need to know.

Campus Level is an overall metric used to measure how good your university is in Two Point Campus. Often, you’ll need to reach a specific level to complete a challenge or to unlock the next star rating. And so, knowing how to increase your campus level is rather important.

In simple terms, your Campus Level takes into account everything in your university. The bigger your campus is, and the more facilities you have on it, the higher your Campus Level will be. In other words, as you continue to expand your university, that Campus Level will automatically go up.

But there are some things you can do to help your Campus Level in Two Point Campus increase, too. We’ve laid them out for you below.

Add buildings and facilities

Essentially, the bigger your school is, the higher your Campus Level will be. Make sure you have all the facilities you need (and more, if you can afford it). Expanding your campus with new buildings will also increase your Campus Level.

Train up staff

Having well-trained staff will increase your Campus Level. To train staff in Two Point Campus, you’ll need to build a Training Room. Increase the level of teaching staff by having them focus on their core subject. You can also train all staff members with other useful skills.

House more students

Make sure you’ve got enough dorm rooms to expand your student body. Having a bigger head count of students will increase your Campus Level. Besides, it’s nice to provide everyone a suitable place to rest.

Offer more courses

Expanding the amount of courses you offer in Two Point Campus will increase your Campus Level. Remember, new courses means adding new teaching rooms and employing more staff, so make sure you’ve got the room and the funds to be able to do so.

Improve existing facilities to increase your Campus Level

You don’t have to build new stuff to increase your Campus Level in Two Point Hospital. Simply improving your existing facilities will help, too. That means upgrading equipment, making sure all your rooms are kitted out with the best items, and ensuring common areas are well-decorated.

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