How to Increase Hygiene Rating in Two Point Campus

When playing Two Point Campus, you may be challenged to increase your hygiene rating. Here’s what you need to know.

Your hygiene rating in Two Point Campus is all-encompassing. It refers to not only the cleanliness of your campus itself, but of the students that live there. It’s your responsibility to ensure that everything and everyone is as fresh and clean as can be. After all, nobody wants to be in a smelly environment surrounded by smelly people, do they? Thought not.

Keeping on top of hygiene is fairly easy, and once everything is in place, it’s something that should keep itself running smoothly. But there are some key areas you’ll need to focus on, which we’ve outlined below.

How to keep your campus clean in Two Point Campus

  • Hire plenty of janitors. Janitors keep your campus neat and tidy, from picking up litter to de-weeding your grounds. You’ll want to ensure you have enough to cover all buildings. Leave them to it, and they’ll do a good job of keeping on top of everything. If needs be, you can pick one up and drop them in the area that needs tidying.
  • Place bins everywhere. If you have bins dotted around campus – particularly near anywhere you serve food (vending machines, canteen areas) – students will be less inclined to drop litter in the first place.

How to keep your students clean in Two Point Campus

  • Have adequate shower rooms near dorm rooms. Students need to wash, and so you’ll need to ensure you have plenty of shower rooms. We’d recommend a large shower room for every three or four dorm rooms.
  • Have sinks in toilets. This is self-explanatory. Make sure your students can wash their hands once they’ve done their business!
  • Put hand sanitizer units everywhere. This is the post-Covid age, after all, and so hand sanitizer units should be within easy reach everywhere. We recommend putting them near every entrance, and near any food outlets. Heck, anywhere you have a bit of wall space will do.

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