How to Make Money in Two Point Campus

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Short on money and needing to increase your bank balance in Two Point Campus? Here’s everything you need to know about making money.

There are two core ways that you make money in Two Point Campus. The first is through tuition fees. Every student who studies at your campus will pay a fee to be there. Just like the real world. The second main lump of cash you’ll receive is from rent. Students will also pay to stay in your on-site dormitories.

You can increase the amount a student pays for tuition or their dormitory, but do so at your own risk. Yes, a higher price means more money for you. But it also means less demand, which could have a negative effect. If students are paying more, they may also be unhappier if you’re not fulfilling their needs correctly.

Making money in Two Point Campus, then, means giving students great value for their money. Make sure you have enough dormitories for everyone, and make sure you’re providing excellent dorm rooms. You’ll want to ensure maximum occupancy, so don’t charge too much. Finding the right balance is key here.

Often, you need to spend money to make money in Two Point Campus. Expanding your university, offering more courses and introducing more facilities means you can house more students. More students means more money. But of course, if you’re already struggling for cash, that can be hard to do.

Below, we’ve outlined some ways to make money quickly in Two Point Campus.

How to get money fast in Two Point Campus

If you find yourself losing money every month or close to being in the red, you’ll need to take action fast. The below tips will help you get back into the black.

  • Sell stuff you don’t need. This might mean downgrading your university temporarily, but needs must. Sell decorative items in corridors, classrooms and student areas. Sell any rooms that aren’t being used.
  • Take a loan. You can take a loan, but of course this needs paying back. We wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you’re sure you’re going to start turning a big profit soon. Interest mounts up, and you’ll need to pay back a chunk every month, making your monthly outgoings even higher than before.
  • Fire staff you don’t need. Sorry staff, but if you have too many people working for you, you might need to let some of them go. Look for janitors or assistants wandering around not doing much. It’s easy to have too many members of staff, so ensure everyone’s pulling their weight.
  • Focus on completing challenges. You’ll regularly get challenges popping up on the right side of your screen or dropping into your inbox. Fulfilling them can net you big monetary rewards, so try to keep on top of them.
  • Change salaries, rent and tuition feesYou can alter the price of everything in the Management tabs, although tuition can only be changed before the start of a year. We’d recommend doing so with caution, because as we said below, changing the price can change how people feel. And you don’t want to annoy your staff or your students unnecessarily.

Make money from the Archaeology course

If you teach the Archaeology course at your university in Two Point Campus, you can use it to make money. You see, during the course of their lessons, students will dig at a specified dig site. They’ll regularly find various items. Some of these are junk, but others can be worth thousands. These are physical items that you can place around your university. You can also click on them and sell them – which is what we recommend you do.

Check their values over time, because many items often increase each month. Find an Ancient Gem, for example, and that can be worth up to $50,000. Phew.

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