How to Perform a Barrel Roll in Saints Row

Saints Row review

If you’re playing through Saints Row, you might be wondering how you perform a barrel roll.

You’re required to perform barrel rolls in Saints Row for multiple reasons, such as completing challenges or unlocking signature skills. But while the game asks you to perform them, it doesn’t actually tell you how to pull them off. So, how do you perform a  barrel roll in Saints Row?

It’s quite easy to perform a barrel roll in Saints Row when you know how. It’s basically a case of getting some air in a vehicle, then holding down the drift button while also steering left or right. The tricky part is finding a good jump that will give you adequate air to actually complete a barrel roll.

To perform a barrel roll in Saints Row, then, it’s best that you first upgrade whichever vehicle you want to perform a barrel roll in. You can do that by either visiting a Jim Robs, or going to your garage back at the Saints’ church. New upgrades are unlocked at levels 5, 10 and 15, so upgrade as much as you can for more success. You might want to equip nitrous, too.

With your car all pimped out, your chances of successfully performing a barrel roll are dramatically increased. It’s then simply a case of finding a decent ramp somewhere – many can be found in the desert areas – then hitting one at high speed. Once you’re in the air, press and hold the drift button (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox), then move the left analogue stick left or right to make your car rotate.

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