How to Perform a Perch Takedown in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man PC

Combat is fun in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but sometimes it’s a good idea to try and thin enemy numbers via stealth before going toe-to-toe with the rest.

While you won’t ways have the opportunity to employ stealth in Marvel’s Spider-Man, it’s invaluable in activities such as Enemy Bases where you’re vastly outnumbered. And one of the best tricks Spider-Man has in his repertoire is the Perch Takedown, which yanks an enemy up in the air before webbing them up. The question is, how do you perform a Perch Takedown?

To perform a Perch Takedown in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you first need to ensure that enemies are unaware of your presence. Remaining undetected, get directly above an enemy using light posts, girders, etc., and you should then see the prompt to perform a Perch Takedown. You then simply need to press the required button, which is Square when playing on a PlayStation console or with a PlayStation controller on PC, or the X button if playing with an Xbox controller on PC.

You can make Perch Takedowns even easier to perform in Marvel’s Spider-Man by unlocking the Extended Perch Takedown skill in the Innovator skill tree. This allows you to perform a Perch Takedown from even further away. Make use of Spider-Man’s zip ability (press the left and right triggers at the same time) to move around undetected when up high, and the Perch Takedown becomes one of the best manoeuvres in his arsenal.

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