How to Perform Tricks in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man PC

It’s fun swinging and zipping through the air in Marvel’s Spider-Man. But you know what makes it even more fun: performing tricks.

When you start playing Marvel’s Spider-Man, performing tricks isn’t possible. And it’s a shame, because performing tricks is not only fun to do, but it also allows you gain a small amount of XP and fills the Focus meter. So, how do you perform tricks in Marvel’s Spider-Man?

It’s actually not that hard. To perform tricks in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you first need to unlock the Web Tricks skill from the Webslinger tree. You’ll need just two skill points to do that, so you can unlock the ability to perform tricks from very early on if you wish. We think it’s worth doing so.

Once you have the Web Tricks skill, you can then perform tricks by holding the Square button (or X button if playing with an Xbox controller) and pushing a direction while in the air. There are multiple tricks available, so make use of them all while swinging through New York. You may as well earn the additional XP, while the Focus gains will come in handy during your next fight.

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