How to Refill Gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man PC

You’ll be engaging in a lot of combat in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and most of the time you’ll be outnumbered.

Thankfully, as well as your super strength and athleticism, you have gadgets that you can use to settle the score. These include everything from electrifying webs, web bombs and even a concussive device. Make effective use of them, and your enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man don’t stand a chance. But as their use is not unlimited, you might be wondering how you refill your gadgets.

There are numerous ways to refill your gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The first is to simply wait. Most gadgets are on an invisible timer, and so will replenish themselves over time – typically when you’re out of combat. If you want to make use of more gadgets during combat, however, then there are some things you can do.

Defeating enemies using finishers will replenish one random gadget, so as you fight you can keep yourself stocked up. With that in mind, if you unlock skills that make it easier to gain focus you can use finishers more often, allowing you to use more gadgets.

There are also suit mods that make it easier to refill your gadgets. The “Metabolic Converter” mod, for example, has a chance to refill a gadget when you take damage. And then there’s the “Scavenger” mod which gives you additional gadget refills. Equip them, and refilling your gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man will be easier than ever.

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