How to Refill Your Ammo in Saints Row

Saints Row preview

You’re going to be doing a lot of shooting in Saints Row, and so you’re going to want to keep your ammo levels topped up.

Pretty much every mission in Saints Row has you shooting up legions of rival gang members or members of authority. Many of the open world activities do too. And so if you keep using your favourite gun, chances are you’ll run out of ammo for it eventually. So, how do you refill your ammo in Saints Row?

Thankfully there are numerous ways to refill your ammo in Saints Row. The first is to loot it from the enemies you’ve killed. How much you can get will depend on the difficulty level you’re playing on, but many enemies will drop ammo when they die. Simply walk over the wads of cash and clips of ammo they drop to pick them up. Play using your own custom difficulty and you can even make ammo drop more often when killing enemies.

Sometimes that simply won’t be enough, however. If you want to max out your ammo supplies, your best option is to visit a Friendly Fire store. There, aside from being able to buy and upgrade weapons, you’re also able to buy ammo for them. In the early hours of the game refilling your ammo this way can be costly. Eventually though, it amounts to pocket change. So, if you want to refill your ammo in Saints Row, this is your best bet.

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