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How to Remove Invaders in Two Point Campus

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In certain levels of Two Point Campus, you’ll get invaders enter your university, and you’ll need to remove them. But how? Read on.

Invaders are never good. In Two Point Campus, these unwanted visitors will upset your students and generally cause a ruckus on campus. And so, there’s only one course of action: to get rid of them. Removing Invaders in Two Point Campus is easy: you just need a suitably-trained janitor.

You don’t need to do anything yourself to remove Invaders. You simply need to have at least one janitor on site who is trained in security. You can hire a janitor who is already trained, or use a training room to train existing janitors with the skill. Once they’re trained in security, janitors will seek out the unwanted invaders and boot them off campus.

You’ll come across Invaders from Noblestead onwards if you’re playing through Two Point Campus’ career. At that point, it’s always wise to have a handful of janitors trained in security. The more the better, really. If you’re playing in sandbox mode, the same applies. You can never have too much security, right?

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