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How to Replenish Ammo in Rollerdrome

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As you embark on your career in Rollerdrome, you’ll soon find yourself faced with House Players – goons employed to take you down.

Thankfully you come equipped with a pair of pistols as standard in Rollerdrome, and can obtain more weapons as you play. But after opening fire on some House Players, you might be left wondering how you replenish your ammo.

To replenish ammo in Rollerdrome, you simply need to perform tricks. Skate up ramps and perform grabs, flips and rotations, or grind any rails that are nearby, and you’ll see your ammo count refilled like magic. Success in Rollerdrome, then, requires a careful balance between performing tricks and shooting.

One other thing to note about replenishing ammo in Rollerdrome is that it doesn’t matter which weapon you have equipped: performing tricks refills the ammo for all of them. So, perform tricks as often as you can, and you should have no trouble keeping your ammo topped up. And maybe try to combine grabs, flips and rotations to maximise your score.

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