How to Rotate Items in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Review

Wondering how to rotate items to further customise your rooms in Two Point Campus? Here’s what you need to know.

When you’re building a new room in Two Point Campus, there’s a certain number of items you have to place in them. These will automatically appear for you, and you’ll simply move your cursor around the screen, dropping them in an appropriate location. But to maximise space, you may want to turn the items around. Thankfully, rotating items in Two Point Campus is very straightforward.

If you’re playing Two Point Campus on console, pressing the left and right shoulder buttons will rotate your object 90 degrees. That’s ideal if you want to place something against a wall, for example.

But more control is available if you want it. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, tap the touch pad when you have an item selected. This toggles on free move. Now, pressing the left and right shoulder buttons will rotate your selected object a fraction at a time, allowing you to place it anywhere in a full 360 degree rotation. To toggle free move off again, simply press the touch pad again.

On PC, rotating items is even simpler. With an item in your control, hold the left mouse button until a ‘move’ icon appears under the object. Now, with the left mouse button held down, you can rotate the object simply by moving your mouse. When you’ve got it in the right position, release the button.

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