How to Use Grenades in Saints Row

Saints Row review

If you’re like us, you’ve made ample use of grenades in previous Saints Row games to blow up vehicles and generally cause mass destruction.

The good news is that you can still do that in the latest Saints Row, but things work a little differently this time around. The crux of it is that you no longer have to acquire grenades – they’re not a consumable like they were before. Instead, you have to play through the game a little until you unlock grenades as a skill. After that, you can equip them to one of your skill slots and use them whenever you have the required amount of Flow available.

To use Grenades in Saints Row, simply play through the game until you’ve unlocked the Frag Out skill. It’s unlocked once you reach level seven, so it shouldn’t take too long. Once you’ve unlocked the skill, equip it by bringing up your phone, going into the Skills app, and assigning it to one of the four available slots.

Once you have the Frag Out skill equipped, using a grenade is as simple as building up the required Flow (the stars above your health gauge) by attacking enemies, then pressing the assigned skill button while holding the right shoulder button. You need just one bar of Flow to use a grenade, and so you can make ample use of them throughout your time with the game.

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