LEGO Bricktales is Getting a Console Release Later This Year

Lego Brick Tales

LEGO Bricktales, announced for PC earlier this year, is coming to consoles as well.

It’ll give PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch-owning LEGO fans the chance to break their brains with the blocky puzzler, which was announced back in March.

The game sees you roaming through jungles, castles, cities and more, using your LEGO skills to assist the minifigures who turn to you for help. You may have to build something as powerful as a helicopter or, alternately, craft a music box, all made out of LEGO.

Sounds easy? Don’t count on it. It’s from Clockstone, creators of Bridge Constructor, so you can expect physics to figure into the mix. Yes, the game will let you build a perfect LEGO helicopter, but it also gives you free reign to build something that will just smash into pieces because you’ve fudged the design.

LEGO Bricktales doesn’t have a solid release date as yet, but it will be arriving in the fourth quarter of 2022 – in other words, it’ll hit PC and console between September and the end of the year. You can wishlist it on Steam right now, check out the trailer above and, if you’ve got a big box of LEGO bricks handy, why not get some practice in right now?