Meet Your Maker Has Big TimeSplitters Mapmaker Energy

Meet your Maker

Meet Your Maker, an upcoming mash-up of FPS and base builder, is giving us big TimeSplitters vibes and we’re absolutely here for that.

We’re not talking about the foes you face – if anything, they resemble Quake 2’s Stroggs because, with with the world in pretty poor shape, everyone’s rocking the half-man, half sandwich-toaster look. No, it’s TimeSplitters’ mapmaker that Meet Your Maker reminds us of.

Revealed by developers Behaviour Interactive at their recent showcase, there are essentially two sides to Meet Your Maker. There’s the FPS side where you blast your way through an enemy fortress in search of a prized cache of genetic material, and there’s the build-em-up side where you craft your own fortress and place enemies.

It’s this latter aspect that reminds of TimeSplitters’ mapmaker mode, and we’re absolutely looking forward to dabbling in it. Sure, you can expect Meet Your Maker to come with several fortresses, ready for you to annihilate your way through. But the real fun, to our mind, will come from crafting challenging fortresses.

You can expect there to be limits as to how many units you can use, which we’re hoping is tied to difficulty level, but you’ll get to create AI patrol routes for your units and the like. And, as in TimeSplitters’ mapmaker(though that was multiplayer only) you’ll be able to craft death traps and the like.

You can then share your fortress with other players who’ll attempt to beat it and you can bet that at least a few of those runs will end up on YouTube. Yes, Behaviour Interactive calls them outposts, but fortress sounds much cooler. We’re grinning at the prospect of players falling afoul of our carefully placed murder monsters.

The bad news is that, while you can check out Meet Your Maker’s trailer here and learn a little more from yesterday’s Behaviour Interactive Behaviour Beyond showcase, we’ll have to wait a while to get your hands the final product, when it hits PC and consoles in 2023. The good news is there’s a closed PC playtest beginning August 23rd, which you can sign up for here.