Preview: Mortal Sin Has Big Return of the Living Dead Energy

Mortal Sin

Mortal Sin, a hack-and-slash PC roguelike, due for release this year, has resurrected our Return of the Living Dead nightmares.

Dan O’Bannon’s tongue-in-cheek 80s classic has a scene where the hapless protagonists are trying – and failing – to kill a zombie. Dismembering it doesn’t work and they’re left with a pile of flailing limbs. That striking image has stuck with us and, thanks to Mortal Sin‘s enemies, the memory has come flooding back. But you know what? It’s an awful lot of fun.

Sure, it was initially a shock to discover that a good chunk of the game’s foes require thorough dismemberment. We’d been grinning smugly as a horn-headed foe spawned several “regular” zombies (Mortal Sin is apparently set in the afterlife), confident we could see them off. Thirty seconds later we were flailing frantically at a couple of mostly-intact corpses while a third, headless, one stood at distance, kicking away at thin air.

But the real fun of Mortal Sin lies in getting to grips with its various enemy types, in particular the more murder-resistant ones. The low-palette aesthetic is cool, making the foes you face that little more sinister, but nailing combat is really where it’s at. The game throws new weapons at you, including a few spell-flinging range weapons, helpfully sharing the stats which should help you choose.

Mortal Sin

The good news is that, whatever weapon you settle on, there are enough moves to give you a fighting chance. You can block attacks, as you’d expect, but Mortal Sin also lets you deliver power attacks, combos, kicks and the like. Once we started thinking about our attacks, instead of all the aforementioned failing, we started to make more headway with removing heads.

We also discovered that Mortal Sin contains jumpscares. They’re not as frequent as, say, Five Nights at Freddy‘s, but we weren’t expecting to have a giant… thing, pop out of a coffin (oozing through the lid instead of opening it) and shriek in our faces. You know, as if having to dismember foes wasn’t unsettling enough.

We had a lot of gory, baddie-dismembering fun with Mortal Sin‘s preview build and we’re eager to see where the final game will take things. It’s an utter gore-fest, but there’s much more to the game than that. You’ve got heart-pounding melee combat, enemies who reward real skill (mainly by dying) handy loot and the odd spinning slaughter-machine.

So when can you get your hands on Mortal Sin? It’s not got a solid release date as yet but it is set to land on PC this year. In the meantime, you can wishlist it on Steam or check out the above trailer.