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Rick and Morty’s Morty Smith Has Joined Multiversus

Multiversus Morty

The latest Multiversus fighter is Rick and Morty’s… Morty Smith?

Yes, we knew Rick and Morty’s titular stars were joining Multiversus, WB’s Super Smash Bros-style brawler, but we figured that alcohol-loving scientist Rick Sanchez would be the first addition. Instead, while he’s still arriving as part of Season 1, we’ve got his nephew Morty Smith, who the game refers to as a bruiser.

Still, we shouldn’t grumble. By rights, half the characters in Multiversus could dispatch the others in a heartbeat. The Iron Giant, for example, could flick Harley Quinn’s head right off, no matter how big a hammer she wielded. Morty has a range of attacks at his disposal including Armothy, his enhanced left-arm, and a Plumbus, a throwaway gag which Multiversus has turned into a weapon.

The character also comes with an alternative, unlockable President Morty outfit. Though, lets face it, what Ricky and Morty fans are really waiting for is an alternative Pickle Rick costume for Rick Sanchez. If there’s one thing that could get Multiversus-playing Rick and Morty fans to fork out real money (it contains in-game purchases), it’s a Pickle Rick costume.

Morty Smith is available in Multiversus right now. There’s no solid date as to when Rick will join the roster but as he’s part of Season 1, you can expect him to drop fairly soon. And if you’ve not tackled the free-to-play brawler yet, you can check out our hands on impressions here.

Multiversus is available on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. 

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