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Rocksmith+, Ubisoft’s Guitar Tuition Subscription Service, Launches This September

After a beta period and an extended delay, educational guitar subscription service Rocksmith+ is set to launch on PC next month.

Drawing upon the original Rocksmith, which was far more sophisticated than rhythm games like Guitar Hero, Rocksmith+ was announced back in 2021 at Ubisoft Forward. It later entered closed beta but was delayed so that Ubisoft could act on user feedback from the beta.

But now it’s ready to go and set for a September 6th release. Like the original Rocksmith, it’ll require you to to have an guitar, as you might expect. Aside from plugging an electric guitar into your PC with a Rocksmith Real Tone cable, you can also use the Rocksmith+ app which will detect the notes you play and pass the data along to the PC-based Rocksmith+ Connect mobile app.  The app will also let you use an acoustic guitar with the program which, if you’ve got an old guitar in the loft, as we used to have, is a real bonus.

It’ll also sport Adaptive Difficulty which  “will dynamically adjust to a player’s skill level while they play, introducing new notes and chords as the player progresses.” In other words, it’ll only be as hard as you can handle. Yes, that sounds absolute filthy and no, we’re not deleting that sentence.

However, unlike the original Rocksmith, this new iteration of the program is subscription only. It’ll cost £12.99 for a 1-month subscription, £34.99 for a 3-month subscription, and £84.99 for a 12-month subscription. That will get you access to a bank of over 5000 songs and, while there’s no mention of a free trial yet, we’d expect Ubisoft to offer one at some point.

To celebrate the launch of Rocksmith+, Ubisoft is running a contest to win a Gibson or Epiphone Guitar, which you can enter here. Ubisoft has confirmed it’ll be coming to mobile later this year, but there’s no news of a console launch as yet.

RockSmith+ launches on PC this September 6th – and if it’s not to your taste, you could always give Matt Berry a go

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