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Secret of Mana Gets a Chill Video Game LoFi Remix

Video Game Lo-Fi Secret of Mana

Video Game LoFi: Secret of Mana takes the classic JRPGs’s soundtrack and makes it even mellower.

The album, remixed and reperformed by composer bLiNd, is the latest in Curaga Records’s Video Game LoFi series, which includes the equally relaxing LoFi Pokemon album. It sports twelve tracks from Square’s 1993 JRPG; no, the entire soundtrack isn’t on there but given that the game sport over fifty individual tunes, bLiNd would have had to spend years in the studio.

Speaking of bLiNd, the remixer didn’t just throw a dart at their video game collection, mutter, “Yeah, that’ll do”, before heading off for a cup of tea. The game has real, personal significance, thanks to an unpleasant bit of medical ankle-meddling.

“When I first heard the music to the game I had just gotten out of surgery on my left ankle. My dad rented me Secret of Mana and I was a little doped up on the meds and anesthesia. Since I was in a dream state the music stood out the most to me and I have always wanted to cover my favorite tracks in some way,” Blind says.

We can report it’s certainly a relaxing listen, and it doesn’t lose anything for not being shoved through the SNES’s audio chipset. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Angel’s Love (Fear of the Heavens)
  2. Tell a Strange Tale
  3. Into the Thick of It
  4. Holy Intruder
  5. A Wish…
  6. Eternal Recurrence
  7. Eight Ringing Bells
  8. Star of Darkness
  9. Whisper and Mantra
  10. Pure Night
  11. The Wings No Longer Beat
  12. Close Your Eyelids

If you’re a Secret of Mana fan or just want to fill your ears with some relaxing video game music, you can pick up the album right now. It’s available on multiple streaming services and digital storefronts including Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Or, if you can wait till October, you can pre-order a CD or cassette copy from the Materia store or, alternatively BandCamp.

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