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Sifu Gets a Free Summer Update This Month

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Sifu was great when it launched, and has only get better since. By the end of the month, it will have been improved again.

Developer Sloclap has announced that the next major update for Sifu will land on August 31st – just under a week away. With things like new difficulty modes, additional outfits and an advanced training mode already added to the game, you might be wondering what’s next. The answer is, more ways to play and make your experience feel fresh.

Sifu‘s free summer update will firstly add new gameplay modifiers, allowing you to tweak the game to your preferences. If you want a more laid-back experience you’ll be able to enable infinite health or structure, for example. But on the flip side you can also make enemies faster and turn off your ability to guard if you want an increased challenge. Even the aging mechanic can be disabled. It put players in control, making multiple playthroughs more enticing.

It’s those who like a challenge that are likely to get the most out of the next new addition, too: a new scoring system. Players will now be rewarded for varying their moves, with every punch, kick, throw and finisher being analysed when formulating their score. Things like not being hit will also be taken into consideration. Take out an entire group of enemies in style without getting hit and your score is likely to go through the roof.

Finally, the Sifu summer update will also add in yet more costumes. All players will be able to access the Master Hand outfit, which features a trench coat and hat combo. Deluxe edition owners, however, will be able to make use of Enforcer armor, covering them in a suit of tactical equipment.

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Looking ahead, Sloclap has given us a sneak peak of what the winter update for Sifu has in store, and it sounds very promising indeed. New modes are set to be added, challenging players to simply survive, eliminate specific targets and complete area-based objectives. Each mode will have its own scoring methods, and there will be ten arenas to play around in, each with a unique setting. By completing challenges in these modes you’ll even earn a currency that can be used to buy new modifiers and cheats for the main game, as well as unlock arenas and new challenges.

If you’re yet to jump into Sifu, give our review a read to see if it might be for you. And if you don’t have a PlayStation console or PC to play it on, there’s good news – we have word that it’ll be making its way to additional formats in the future. That’s all we can say on the matter, though. You can check out a trailer for the summer update below.

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