Fans of Breath of the Wild are Going to Love Tchia

Tchia preview

If you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’re going to love Tchia.

Coming in spring 2023 to PS4, PS5 and PC via Epic Game Store, Tchia from French studio Awacab is one to watch. This open world adventure is set on a beautiful tropical island, putting players in the shoes of the titular Tchia. More of an ordinary girl than a famed adventurer, Tchia is worlds away from Zelda’s Link. But there are many similarities between the games, and that has us excited.

Jumping from a high point, for example, Tchia grabs onto her parachute, allowing her to drift gracefully down to the ground or travel across larger gaps. She can free climb, too, making exploring her tropical island exciting.

But to call Tchia a Breath of the Wild clone is to do it a disservice. We’ve had a glimpse of gameplay, and there’s much to look forward to, whether you’re a fan of the Zelda series or not. It has plenty of its own tricks up its sleeve, one of the most interesting being the ability to “soul jump”. Tchia can essentially possess an animal, allowing her to jump into a Parakeet’s body, for example, to quickly fly through the air.

You can’t soul jump completely at will, though: Tchia needs to have the energy for it first. We’d imagine it’s quite an exhausting process, taking over another animal’s body. But as long as players keep Tchia well fed by eating food, her energy meter will replenish, allowing her to get back to the soul-jumping fun.

Tchia preview

We’ve not seen every animal that Tchia can soul jump into, but we’ve seen her soar as a bird and swim through the ocean as a majestic dolphin. We’ve even seen her poop as a bird – you know, for that added realistic touch. It seems even inanimate objects are fair game, too: Tchia can soul jump into something like a coconut as it flies through the air to allow her to travel a large distance at speed.

When you’re not travelling around, completing quests and generally adventuring, Tchia allows you to rest at campfires. At these, Tchia can change into various outfits – and there’s a lot to choose from – giving players the opportunity to truly customise their character. You can also pull out a ukulele and play some tunes.

As peaceful and wonderful as Tchia looks and sounds, though, it’s not free of enemies. The island is inhabited by creatures made of fabric which Tchia must dispatch by being resourceful. Unlike Link, she doesn’t come equipped with a sword and shield, and so she must use what’s around her in order to fight. Throwing an oil lamp, for example, will burn an enemy. And since they’re made of fabric, burning them is a sure-fire way to ensure they won’t come back.

We feel like we’ve only  scratched the surface of what Tchia has to offer, and we’re excited to see what else awaits in this beautiful, enchanting world. You can get a taste of gameplay in the commentated video above to see what’s in store when this adventure releases early next year.

Tchia is coming to PS4, PS5 and PC via Epic Games Store in spring 2023. You can add it to your wishlist today.