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Slaycation Paradise

The Best Twin-Stick Shooters on PS5

Like shooting things with two sticks? You might want to check out these games.

The twin-stick shooter genre has been around for years, but sometimes the simple classics can’t be beaten. Twin-stick shooters typically have you roaming around large areas from a top-down perspective, moving with your left stick and aiming your weapon with your right. Hence, the term ‘twin-stick’. But what are the best twin-stick shooters on PS5? Well, hopefully we can help.

Right now, there aren’t too many games in the genre native to PS5. But thanks to backwards compatibility, there are tonnes of twin-stick shooters on PS4 you can play. You can see our list of the best of those by clicking here. Here, we’re focusing on the games that have native PS5 versions.

So: if you’re looking for the best twin-stick shooters available on PS5 – with dedicated PS5 versions – read on. If this genre is your bag, you won’t be disappointed with any of these games.

1. Slaycation Paradise

Slaycation Paradise

The newest game on this list isn’t only one of the best twin-stick shooters on PS5, it may also be one of our favourite twin-stick shooters of all time. Slaycation Paradise is all about travelling to far-off, exotic – and apocalyptic – destinations, killing all manner of enemies on your way. The twin-stick shooting mechanics are second to none, with a huge range of weapons available. Start with a pistol before upgrading to a shotgun, SMG, and even a powerful wizard’s wand. Simple defence-building mechanics are thrown in too, to give you extra protection against the waves of enemies that the game throws at you. You don’t want to miss this one.

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2. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance

An oldie, but a goodie. We couldn’t, in good faith, have a list of the best twin-stick shooters on PS5 and not include The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. The Binding of Isaac has been around in some form since 2011, but this newest iteration, Repentance, adds in more content than ever. This roguelike twin-stick shooter is filled with disgusting enemies and imagery as you fight your way past evil babies, bum-shaped bosses and, er, lumps of poo. It’s tough as nails, but it’ll keep you coming back for more.

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3. Soundfall

Soundfall review 2 (1)

Soundfall isn’t your typical twin-stick shooter. This dungeon-crawling shooter is, in fact, a rhythm game. That’s right: you’ll need to shoot enemies in time to the beat of the music if you want to do maximum damage. Each level is short and sweet, designed to last about the length of a song, and with a large, varied soundtrack featuring rock, pop, dance and electro, it’s safe to say you’ll be tapping your feet all the way through.

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4. Trigger Witch

Trigger Witch

Trigger Witch may look like a SNES-era clone of A Link to the Past, but it’s actually a fast-paced twin-stick shooter that has you blowing your way through all manner of magical creatures. The shooting action is accompanied by action/adventure-style missions, with plenty of characters to meet, people to save, and a huge world to explore.

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5. Tesla Force

Tesla Force

One of the first twin-stick shooters to have a native PS5 version, Tesla Force is simple but also a lot of fun. A follow-up to Tesla vs Lovecraft, it combines out-of-this world Tesla-style weaponry with freakish Lovecraftian enemies. The result is a level-based twin-stick shooter that will continually have you going back for more. With better weapons to pick up on each run, and enemies with an ever-increasing difficulty, there’s plenty to enjoy here.

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6. Jydge

Jydge Header

Futuristic top-down shooter Jydge is tough, but you’ll keep returning to it. In this neon-lit twin-stick shooter, you take on the role of the titular Jydge, a cybernetic crimefighter tasked with clearing the city of wrongdoing. As you play you’ll unlock new augments, allowing you to tinker with your character and modify their abilities to suit your playstyle. Whether you’re stealthy or go in all-guns-blazing is up to you.

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7. Blackwind

Equipped with a powerful mech suit, Blackwind has one key mission at its core: finding your missing father. But along the way, this futuristic twin-stick shooter will have you making your way around science labs, shooting enemies with powerful guns as you go. Each level ups the ante a little, with tougher enemies to beat and some puzzle-solving elements as you make your way around each facility.

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8. Returnal


We’re cheating a bit here. Returnal isn’t exactly a twin-stick shooter. But from Housemarque, developer of some of PS4’s best games in the genre – think Alienation, Resogun and Nex Machina – it has many elements in common. It may lose the top-down camera angle for a third-person over-the-shoulder view, but in terms of gameplay – from freakish enemies to bullet hell sensibilities – it feels very familiar indeed. Plus, there’s the simple fact that Returnal is one of the best PS5 exclusive games we’ve seen to date. If you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters, we’re confident you’ll love Returnal.

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