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The Sims Desert Luxe Kit

The Sims 4 is Getting Two New Kits, The First Fits Kit and Desert Luxe Kit

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At GameSpew, it takes a lot to break our brains but The Sims 4’s First Fits Kit, announced alongside the Desert Luxe Kit has gone and done it.

More accurately, it’s the blurb accompanying The Sims 4 First Fits Kit that has us doing a double-take. “Start your child Sims on a lifetime of trend-setting fashion and allow them to express themselves with the kinds of leopard-print jackets, patterned leggings and colorful shades they’ll want to wear when they grow up.”, it reads.

It’s only when you read that statement twice that you start to pick up on the implied menace, that the children will want to wear leopard-print jackets and so on, not that they can choose to. We’ve got this mental image of a teenage sim coming downstairs in a trouser suit, only to have their parents demand they put on something more garish, and gods help them if they’re Goth.

Still, if you can’t get enough styles, the First Fits Kit could fit the bill. the Desert Luxe Kit also injects a new style into life-sim The Sims 4, though it’s concerned with furniture and fixtures instead of fancy clothing. It allows you to give your house – inside and out – an desert theme, including “neutral-toned furniture”, using stone and wood to give you that oasis feel.

Both these kits will be sold separately and are set to arrive soon across PC and console. The First Fits Kit arrives this September 1st, while the Desert Luxe Kit drops on September 14th.

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