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Disney Marvel Showcase

There’s a Disney & Marvel Games Showcase Next Month

Disney and Marvel will be putting on a games showcase this September, including a first look at Amy Hennig’s upcoming Marvel ensemble game.

Yes, Marvel is owned by Disney but the megacorp still tends to separate its brands so, Kingdom Hearts aside, the characters stay in their respective universes.  The games showcase dubbed, wait for it, the Disney & Marvel Games showcase, will take place at 2022’s D23 Disney fan-event.

So what’s likely to be on show? According to Marvel’s own site, there’ll be a glimpse of life-sim Disney Dreamlight Valley, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Yes,  LEGO Star Wars is out, and we loved it, but it may be that Disney has more DLC waiting in the wings. As for Midnight Suns, given that it’s been delayed until 2023, Disney/Marvel will be looking to maintain public interested in the superhero strategy RPG.

On top of that, we’ll be getting a look at Amy Hennig’s upcoming – and as yet unnamed – Marvel ensemble game. Hennig and her company Skydance New Media are also working on a Star Wars game but we’d expect that to be saved for another occasion.

Anything else? There could be also brand new reveals, games that the public has yet to get so much of a sniff of. Every year, we have our fingers crossed for a Marvel Zombies game, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic (not the What If series) but every year we’re disappointed.

The showcase kicks off at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 8PM GMT September 9th, 2022, though there’s no news on how long it’ll last for though there will be developer interviews and more after the main showcase. If you’re at the D23 2022 event you can watch it take place on the Premier Stage, otherwise it’ll be livestreamed through various platforms including:

A word of warning – Twitch streamers will, apparently, not be allowed to use clips from the show. In other words, you can stream your reaction to the event for someone to play alongside the event but the moment you stream the clips on your own channel, Disney and Twitch will slap your wrists. No, it doesn’t seem entirely fair but what are you going to do, host your whole stream cosplaying as the frozen head of Walt Disney?

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