This Half-Life 2/Metal Gear Parody Makes Gordon Freeman Even More Badass

Half Life 2 Rules of Nature Metal Gear Revengeance

If Gordon Freeman was this strong, we wouldn’t need Half-Life 2: Episode 1, let alone Half-Life 3.

That’s the conclusion we’ve come to after watching Komegatze’s superb Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance/Half-Life 2 mash-up, created in Source FilmMaker. Even if you’ve never played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, an over-the-top slash-em-up set in the Metal Gear universe that launched on Xbox 360 and PS3, chances are you’re aware of it.

Why? Because the game has entered the hallowed halls of memedom – characters, cutscenes, fights and more have been parodied and re-parodied. There’s a whole series of videos where the game’s antagonist, Senator Armstrong, bursts out of a video and all-but punches the viewer in the face.

This Half-Life 2 video, on the other hand, tackles another chunk of the game, a fight where the ludicrously powerful Raiden annihilates a Metal Gear Ray, first throwing it into the air. Yes, the same giant robot that was Metal Gear Solid 2’s super-weapon (in the opening chapter at least) is just thrown around by that title’s now-cybernetically enhanced protagonist.

Komegatze’s video swaps Raiden out for Gordon Freeman and Metal Gear Ray for one of Half-Life 2’s massive, menacing Striders. Crowbar in hand, Gordon ascends the towering creature and, with Revengeance’s Rules of Nature track blaring, takes a leaf out of Raiden’s book.

It’s not the only video Komegatze’s has produced – there are some excellent ones on their channel – but this is by far and away our favourite. We’ve watched this at least a dozen times and it makes us grin ever single time.

And if you’re wondering about whether it’s worth playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Absolutely. It’s a ridiculous game but a real joy to play and, given that it’s backwards compatible with the Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S, you’ve no excuse not to embrace the mayhem.