This Witcher Statue is Wallet-Emptyingly Tempting

The Witcher Blood and Wine Statue

Want a massive The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine statue? PureArts has got you covered.

Available to pre-order right now, this 1/4 scale The Witcher statue, which sees Geralt sitting on a throne with a vampire, High Vampire Dettlaff, leaning over him, is absolutely amazing to behold. And at 24 inches tall, 42 inches wide and 19 inches deep, it’s the kind of awesome art piece that could dominate the corner of a room.

Crafted by PureArts, it’s not quite as large as their three-foot Lady Dimitrescu statue, but if you’re a Witcher fan we’re sure you’re already imagining this taking pride of place in your lounge, hallway or, alternatively, placing it in the downstairs toilet so Geralt can glare at anyone on the plop.

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is it’s going to cost you $1,799, which is just over £1,500. The good news is if that you need to do things like eat, pay rent and heat your house there’s a cheaper version: a 1/6 model that, minus the looming vampire, is 12 inches in height.

It’s priced at $439 USD, roughly £370, so it’s a little more affordable, albeit not quite as imposing. And, like the first, it features Geralt in his snazzy Blood and Wine outfit, from The Witcher 3’s second and final expansion.

Both are available to pre-order from PureArts; you can order the 1/4 statue here and order the smaller 1/6 scale statue here. The statues themselves won’t be shipping until Q3 2023 so you’ve got a while to wait but. But, as account-emptying as the bigger statue’s higher price is, we’re sure there are enough well-heeled Witcher fans to shift a sizeable number of these (and make us very, very jealous).