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PSVR2 headset

A New PlayStation VR2 Trailer Highlights its Tech Specs

PlayStation VR2 arrives next year, and to help persuade would-be purchasers, Sony has put out a trailer highlight the headset’s technical features.

Sure, we’ve trailers for individual PlayStation VR2 games such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain but this new trailer underlines features such as the headset’s 4K HDR display, eye-tracking and so forth. The trailer does point out that not all the features will be available in every game. Eye-tracking, for example, is something that developers will have to implement, as well as finding an actual use for it.

Haptic feedback also gets a mention, which has the potential to really elevate the PSVR2 experience. The trailer shows the controllers reacting as the player draws back a bow in Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Why is that a big deal? Because the further you draw a bow, the more tension there is and PSVR2 seems capable of reflecting that.

Strangely, there’s one big feature that doesn’t get a mention. Maybe it’s because it’s too elementary but it’s still a big step up compared to the original PSVR. We’re talking about the PSVR2’s cameras; the original PSVR uses coloured lights and a TV mounted PlayStation Camera which does, technically, work. But the problem is that when you turn around, the headset sometimes loses tracking. Having actual headset-mounted cameras should correct that problem.

You can watch the PlayStation VR2 trailer, dubbed “Feel a New Real”, above. It’s set too launch next year and will require a PlayStation 5 console. So should you snap one up the moment Sony opens pre-orders? That would depend, in part, on the price, which Sony has yet to reveal. Also, it won’t play PlayStation VR1 games, so you’ll be stuck with the launch line-up. Right now, as impressive as its specs are, we’re hedging our bets.

Speaking of specs, you can check out the PlayStation VR2’s specifications here. And if you do decide to plump for the PSVR2, it’ll be available in the first quarter of 2023.

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