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Deathloop is Arriving on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass

Deathloop, Arkane Lyon’s time-hopping FPS is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Gamepass.

Deathloop was a bit of an oddity when it launched, bypassing the Xbox and landing on PS5 and PC. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the game; we called it “A wonderful, creative, fantastic beast”, and awarded it a 9 out of 10. Nor are we talking about the fact that the game has Cole, your protagonist, repeating the same day over and over again.

No, what’s odd is that it was a year-long PlayStation 5 console exclusive, released five or so months after Microsoft had finalised their purchase of Bethesda who, in turn, owned Arkane. But Deathloop had been a done deal well before the purchase. A similar situation occurred with Ghostwire Tokyo, which arrived in March of this year. It too, will remain a PS5 exclusive for a year.

Now, after that year is up, it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S and also Xbox Game Pass, arriving next week. On top of that, it’s coming with the Goldenloop update. Yes, Goldenloop sounds like a Bond villain who lives in a funfair. But it’ll add a new weapon, a new super-powerful enemy, an extended ending and more.

Even better, it’ll feature cross-play, so you can take on other players in Deathloop’s invasion mode. Between this and Sniper Elite 5 we’ve had a lot of fun just breaking into other people’s games and politely introducing them to the business of whatever weapon we’re toting.

So when can you get your hands on Deathloop? You can pre-load it on Xbox Series X|S right now but it’s out this September 20th. The Goldenloop update will also come to the other formats, PlayStation 5 and PC, that same day.

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