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Disney Dreamlight Valley Flowers Guide: Where to Find Every Flower

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering where to find each type of flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Our handy guide will tell you what location you’ll find every flower in.

You’ll need flowers fairly often when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Perhaps you’ll need them as a crafting resource. Or maybe one of the friendly villagers might request one from you. But knowing where to find a particular flower can be tough. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Below we’ve listed every type of flower, and the region of Disney Dreamlight Valley where they’ll spawn. Head to the relevant area, and look around. The flower isn’t guaranteed to be there, but you’re likely to find at least one. Wait a while before visiting, and more might have grown. Good luck in gathering the flowers you need.

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Flowers location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Purple Bell Flower: Forest of Valor

Red Bell Flower: Forest of Valor

White Bell Flower: Forest of Valor

Pink Bromeliad: Sunlit Plateau

Red Bromeliad: Sunlit Plateau

Yellow Bromeliad: Sunlit Plateau

Red Daisy: Peaceful Meadow

White Daisy: Peaceful Meadow

Yellow Daisy: Peaceful Meadow

Dandelion: Plaza

Blue Falling Penstemon: Plaza

Purple Falling Penstemon: Plaza

Red Falling Penstemon: Plaza

White & Pink Falling Penstemon: Plaza

Orange Houseleek: Sunlit Plateau

Pink Houseleek: Sunlit Plateau

Blue Hydrangea: Dazzle Beach

Pink Hydrangea: Dazzle Beach

White & Red Hydrangea: Dazzle Beach

Purple Hydrangea: Dazzle Beach

Purple Impatiens: Forgotten Lands

White Impatiens: Forgotten Lands

Blue Marsh Milkweed: Glade of Trust

Orange Marsh Milkweed: Glade of Trust

Orange & Red Marsh Milkweed: Glade of Trust

Purple Marsh Milkweed: Glade of Trust

White Marsh Milkweed: Glade of Trust

Orange Nasturtium: Forgotten Lands

Red Nasturtium: Forgotten Lands

Yellow Nasturtium: Forgotten Lands

Black Passion Lily: Frosted Heights

Blue Passion Lily: Frosted Heights

Green Passion Lily: Frosted Heights

Red Passion Lily: Frosted Heights

White Passion Lily: Frosted Heights

Green Rising Penstemon: Peaceful Meadow

Purple Rising Penstemon: Peaceful Meadow

Blue Star Lily: Forest of Valor

Orange Star Lily: Forest of Valor

Sunflower: Dazzle Beach

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