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Does Food Truck Simulator Have Online or Local Multiplayer?

Food Truck Simulator

Food Truck Simulator, out today on PC, is a real blast, but can you share the fun with another player?

After all, as anyone who’s ever watched Dumb and Dumber, Chucklevision or so forth, there’s real comedy potential in giving a simple task to two hapless idiots. Food Truck Simulator is enough of a joy on its own (see our review here) but what if you could have two people in that food truck with some form of multiplayer? Or what if you you could compete against another food truck owner?

Unfortunately, right now, Food Truck Simulator does not support any kind of multiplayer, offline or online. Given that you spend your time roaming the city and choosing spots – at least when the story mode moves along – having two trucks doing the same might be tricky. What happens, for example, if two trucks turn up the same spot?

But we can see potential for having shorter, mini-game style levels where players compete to see who can fulfil their orders the quickest. Sure, you could have the two players per truck system we mentioned earlier, but we’re not sure how many friendships could survive. It’d be less “to me, to you”, more “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY ARE THOSE FRIES BURNT?”

So, while we’d like to see developers Drago Entertainment add some kind of multiplayer element, the answer is no, Food Truck Simulator doesn’t have any online or local multiplayer features.

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