Does Steelrising Have Multiplayer or Co-Op?

Steelrising review

Multiplayer features are pretty commonplace in the Soulslike genre.

Some players like to test their skills against fellow human opponents, invading their games in the hope of emerging victorious. Others like to team up with their friends or even complete strangers in co-op in order to face off against powerful bosses. And so, with Steelrising being a Soulslike, you might be wondering if it has any competitive or co-op multiplayer features.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Steelrising and multiplayer, you need to prepare to be disappointed just as much as you need to need to prepare to die. That is to say that Steelrising has no competitive or co-op multiplayer features whatsoever. It’s strictly a single-player experience, with no way to compete against other players or help them.

If the prospect of not being able to get help if you get stuck on a boss troubles you, be aware that while Steelrising doesn’t have co-op, it does have an Assist Mode. Turn on Assist mode and you can make use of settings that reduce the amount of damage you take, how quickly your stamina regenerates, and more. The only catch is that is disables trophies or achievements.

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