Does Steelrising Have New Game Plus?

Steelrising review

Like most Soulslikes, Steelrising puts up a good challenge.

Across a range of locations, you’ll do battle with tough enemies and even harder bosses. To make things easier for yourself, you’ll want to choose a playstyle early on and stick with it, developing your character to suit. And once you’re done, you might want to do it all over again, carrying across your items and upgrades so you can develop your character further. the question is, does Steelrising have a New Game Plus mode to enable you to do so?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. At this moment in time, Steelrising does not have New Game Plus. Once you’ve completed the game and watched the credits roll, you can’t jump back in for another playthrough with the same character. In fact, you can’t even jump back into your existing game – it’ll just make you watch the credits again.

Hopefully a New Game Plus mode will be added to Steelrising in the future. Until then, you might want to back up your save when you get to the point of no return if possible. At least then you can explore the game’s world to your heart’s content without having to start a new game from scratch.

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