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Gotham Knights’ New Trailer Goes Behind the Bat-Scenes

Gotham Knights Behind the Scenes

The latest Gotham Knights trailer is a short but meaningful look at WB Games Montreal have put the Bat-Family at the heart of the game.

At least, that’s what we’re supposed to take away from this Gotham Knights trailer. It delves into the effect that Batman’s death has had upon his four trainees and how, despite them rarely having gelled as a team, their loss forces them to work together.

Previous trailers have focused on individual characters, or delivered a big chunk of gameplay, but this one is much more story-focused. The WB Games Montreal team make a point of explaining how the open-world superhero game is about found family, and also about how each of them tackles their grief.

Yes, Jason Todd aka Red Hood might look like he headbutts walls for fun, but there’ll be moments when you see him, too, struggling to keep going in light of both his loss and the fact that, without Batman, they’re all that stands between Gotham and ruin.

Alfred will be, as the trailer reveals, the glue that holds the team together, at least at first. Yes, Batman may be six feet under but his trusty butler is still around. Though, as far as story goes, WB Games Montreal have also confirmed that individual cutscenes will vary a little depending on who you’re playing as,.

At least, like we said, those are some of the things WB Games Montreal is trying to get across. However, the overwhelming message we got was that Batman isn’t dead. The fact that the Bat-Family are working together suggests that he’s staged his death just to force them to gel. So, even if he doesn’t show is face to the Bat-Family, you can bet he’ll be shown watching them from afar, nodding approvingly.

We won’t have long to find out, either. Gotham Knights is out this October 21st, arriving on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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