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GTA Online’s New Activities and Rewards Have Been Unveiled

Grand Theft Auto Online GTA Online Sprunk vs eCola

GTA Online isn’t dead yet, though Rockstar has moved onto Grand Theft Auto 6, with a few new bonuses, rewards and activities currently available.

It’s entirely possible this could be the last GTA Online activity update, in light of developer Rockstar’s recent “roll credits” announcement. If not, it’s likely to be one of the last few, though given how profitable Grand Theft Auto online has been the company, they’d be fools to shut it off entirely.

So what’s happening? For a start, nightclub bonuses have been doubled (running until Sept 14th) so if you’ve acquired a nightclub, instead of just causing chaos till your sides burst, you could be in the money.

This week will also see the fallout of the Sprunk vs eCola wars. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but given how vociferously some people defend their console purchase online, maybe not so much. Players participated by just pouring can after can of their chosen beverage down their necks and now the winning brand’s merchandise will become available to everyone.

Speaking of the Cola Wars, the Luxury Autos Showroom is also getting the Benefactor BR8 complete with eCola livery as well as a a Truffade Nero in Pearlescent Wine Red. Business Battles will also give players double the money. Yes, for a game about robbing banks, there’s a fair amount of corporate-related crime going on.

On top of that, GTA+ members get the following bonuses:

  • The Declasse Vigero ZX, Complete with a Hao’s Special Works Performance Upgrade
  • Two Liveries for the Declasse Vigero ZX Exclusive to GTA+ Members
  • The Vespucci Beach MC Clubhouse
  • 50% Bonus GTA$ and RP on Biker Sell Missions, Clubhouse Contracts, and Extra Income Jobs
  • Free Clothing and Accessories, and More

You can find out more from Rockstar’s news page; some of these are time-limited, some restricted to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version of GTA Online. As for future events? It may be that Rockstar pull the plug on these events or, alternatively, just leave them on loop, repeating every so often. Either way, we don’t see Grand Theft Auto Online becoming a ghost town quite yet.

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