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Halo Infinite’s New Road Map is Here But Split-Screen Co-Op is Dead

Halo Infinite Road Map

343 Industries has unveiled Halo Infinite’s current road-map, also confirming that the game won’t be getting a split-screen co-op campaign mode.

Yes, we’ve got a new Halo Infinite road-map, but we’re definitely losing out with the lack of split-screen co-op. Is it the end of an era? It’s possible the feature could return with the next Halo game, but we’re not holding out much hope. The feature was also omitted from Halo 5, despite being in every other main Halo game, but 343 head Bonnie Ross promised it would return with the next game.

Clearly, that’s not the case; according to 343, they dropped the feature so they could use the resources for other things. The developer has put out a half-hour-long video discussing where the game has succeeded and where it’s failed and it’s pretty clear that they’re playing catch-up.

So what does the Halo Infinite road-map reveal? 343 has split its road map into two chunks; the Winter Update, running from November 8th to March 7th and Echoes Within, from March 7th to June 27th, which is Infinite’s formal Season 3.

The winter update will add the following features:

  • Network Campaign Co-op
  • Mission replay
  • Two new maps, Detatchment and Argyle,
  • A free 30 tier Battle Pass
  • Forge Beta (a test of Infinite’s in-game level editor)
  • Covert One Flag (a new game mode)
  • Various quality of life improvements

As for March – June’s update, the are a couple of new maps, and a new “Shroud” weapon that conceals you from enemies. There are some other updates, too, which you can find detailed in the Halo Infinite road-map here, but it’s the Winter Update that offers the most in terms of new content and features.

If you’ve not played Halo Infinite, you can check out our review here and pick it up on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and also play it for free with Game Pass.

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