How Long Does it Take to Beat Tinykin?

Out now on PC and consoles – and included at no extra cost in Xbox Game Pass – is Tinykin, a wonderful 3D platforming adventure.

If you’re about to jump into Tinykin for the first time (and you absolutely should – we gave this game an outstanding 9/10 when we reviewed it), you might be wondering how long it’s going to take you to complete it. Well then, how long does it take to beat Tinykin?

Tinykin isn’t a very long game. You’ll complete it within six to eight hours. That time may vary a little depending if you spend time trying to find all collectibles and completing secondary quests. But even for a completionist, you’ll likely tidy everything up in the game in under 10 hours.

It’s a shame: Tinykin is the kind of game that left us hungry for more. This is a truly lovely platformer. It may not be entirely innovative, borrowing ideas from the likes of Pikmin, but they’re executed so well that it hardly matters. The good news is, that this is the type of game you’ll likely to be happy to jump into again and again. So it may only take you six or so hours to see the credits roll, but once they’ve finished you’ll be ready to hit the ‘new game’ button.

We certainly were, anyway.

Read more about Tinykin in our review.

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