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Immortality review

How Many Clips Are in Immortality?

Playing Sam Barlow’s Immortality and wondering how many clips there are? You’re in the right place.

Sam Barlow’s latest game, Immortality, is available now on PC and Xbox, and has been received with rave reviews. A follow-up to Barlow’s previous FMV games, Her Story and Telling LiesImmortality is much grander in scale than either previous project. What you get out of the game will depend, ultimately, on what you put in – and how many of Immortality‘s clips you end up finding. There’s quite a lot of them, and it’s likely you won’t come across them all before the credits roll.

In total, there are 202 clips in Immortality. To get from one clip to another, you need to find them using the game’s ‘match cut’ feature. Click on an object of interest in any scene and it’ll take you to a linked object in another scene. It may be from the same movie, or it may be from a completely different project in a different decade.

Because of the way that Immortality jumps between clips, there’s no logical way to work your way through them. And so finding what you’re missing isn’t easy. We recommend going back to a clip that interests you, and clicking on objects (or faces) you haven’t interacted with before. You might end up somewhere you’ve already been, or you might end up somewhere completely new.

If you’re aiming to find all 202 clips in Immortality, good luck to you. And remember to keep your eye out for anything strange…

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