How to Borrow a Book From Carla in Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island

Wondering how to get Carla to let you borrow a book in Return to Monkey Island? Here’s what you need to know.

Return to Monkey Island is a game filled with overlapping puzzles: before you can solve one, you’ll need to solve another, and so on. Well, to solve one such puzzle early on, you need to borrow a book from Carla – she’s the current governor of Melee Island, and you’ll find her in the Governor’s Mansion. She’s got a number of books on display – and perhaps there’s one in particular you want to borrow. But if you try to take it, she won’t let you. Here’s how to borrow a book from Carla in Return to Monkey Island.

You see, it seems Guybrush has borrowed a book from Carla before, and didn’t give it her back. Speaking an apology isn’t good enough, and she won’t accept any of your excuses. And so, you need to find a better way to say sorry.

Your first port of call needs to be the Voodoo Shop on Melee Island’s Low Street. In there you’ll find an item called a ‘Forgiveness Frog’. The Voodoo Lady tells you it’s a good way to make an apology stick. Buy it (you don’t need to worry about money), and head back to the Governor’s Mansion.

However, just giving the frog to Carla is no good. She isn’t happy there isn’t a personal message on the frog.

Head into your inventory (Y on Switch) and combine the frog with the pen that should already be in there. You’ll be given multiple options to craft the perfect apology. Here’s what you need to select:

  • Dear Carla
  • Sorry for losing the book I borrowed.
  • I value that you are dedicated to dedication…
  • …as shown by your actions at Port Elizabeth.
  • You scare the heck out of me.

With that, you can hand Carla the frog, and she’ll accept your apology. You can now ask to borrow the cookbook again, and she’ll gladly let you take it.

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