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Let's Build a Zoo

How to Feed Animals in Let’s Build a Zoo

Are you playing Let’s Build a Zoo and wondering how to feed your animals? Can’t figure out where the animal feeder is? Read on.

If you’ve just started out playing Let’s Build a Zoo, you might hear guests grumbling about how underfed your animals are. You give your animals water by putting a water trough in their enclosure, so surely you need to do something similar to feed them?

Not quite. Feeding your animals is a little different to giving them water. Yes, Jurassic World Evolution 2 gives you a handy-dandy feeder, but in Let’s Build a Zoo it’s down to the animal keepers. They bring the food to each enclosure and leave it for the animals to eat.

So, to feed your animals in Let’s Build a Zoo, you need at least two things:

  • An animal keeper
  • A store room with food

If you haven’t got an animal keeper, you’ll need to hire one. Check out our guide to hiring staff here. As for filling your store room you can, eventually, farm your own food and, should you so desire, you can also order food item by item.

However, unless you’re really counting the pennies, it’s simplest to buy animal food by doing the following:

  • Select your store room (‘A’ on Xbox or X on PlayStation)
  • Select “Animal Diet”
  • Hit Quick Order (Y/triangle)

That’ll give you enough food for seven days for all your animals. But remember, the more animals you have, the more animal keepers you’ll need. If your animals aren’t getting fed, you have two options.

One, you can allocate your animal keepers a zone, by clicking on them and selecting zone, giving them two or so more pens to focus on. Or, two, hire more keepers. It’s best to try that first option before hiring new staff.

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