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How to Get a Mop in Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island difficulty

Wondering how to get your hands on a mop in Return to Monkey Island? Here’s everything you’ll need to do to get that deck-swabbing apparatus.

One of the earliest tasks you’ll be given in Return to Monkey Island is to get a mop. You see, Guybrush needs a place on LeChuck’s boat, and the only way is to pose as a deck swabber. But he’ll need his own mop. And so, before he can board, he’ll have to find one. Should be easy, right?

Hmm, not quite. The first place you should head is to the Scumm Bar, and into the kitchen at the back. There’s a mop there! Alas, you can’t simply take it. The cook seems rather attached to it, and he won’t let you near it. But he does tell you about an epic quest to the mop handle tree deep in the forest. Looks like that’s what you’re going to have to do.

You’ll need a map before you can head to the forest, though. And before Wally can make you a map, you need a sample of the item you seek. So: a sample of mop wood. OK, fine. Head into the Voodoo Shop on Low Street and in there you’ll find a sharp knife. Take it (after listening to a long T&Cs blurb!) then head back into the Scumm Bar kitchen.

Use the knife on the mop and you’ll take a scrapping of it. Before leaving the kitchen, head out to the pier on the right-hand side and pick up the string that’s out there. That may well come in handy soon…

Now you’ve got a mop handle sample, head to Wally’s map shop on Low Street. Give him the sample, and he’ll give you a map for the forest. Head to the forest. You’ll have to check your map in your inventory for the correct way to go. A black dotted line marks out the way to go: pay attention to the flowers you need to pass each time.

Return to Monkey Island mop map

Our route was as follows:

  • Up past purple flowers
  • Up past carnivorous plant
  • Right past mushrooms
  • Up past purple flowers
  • Left past purple flowers
  • Up past purple flowers
  • Right past purple flowers

If you make a wrong turn, you’ll simply find yourself back at the start of the woods, so try again. Once you reach the mop tree, you’ll know: you’ll be in a clearing filled with cute woodland animals. Aww. Use the knife in your inventory on the mop tree and one mop handle will be yours.

In your inventory, combine the mop handle with the string you picked up from the Scumm Bar pier, and that’s it: you’ve got a full, ready to go mop.

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