How to Get the Eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island

There’s an eyepatch you need in Return to Monkey Island… but it’s locked in a display case in the Pirate Museum. Here’s how to get it.

Getting the eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island takes a bit of legwork, but once you know what to do, it’s easy enough. You see, it’s under lock and key in the museum. But well, the owner of the locksmith shop on the High Street tells you they can create a key for any lock – they just need a serial number. Easy enough, right?

Well, almost. But getting the serial number on the lock isn’t straightforward, because the writing is so small. So, your first port of call needs to be Wally’s Map Shop on Low Street. He’s giving away monocles on the front desk. Take two, then go into your inventory to combine them together.

Now, head to the Pirate Museum, and use your two-strength monocle on the lock. Guybrush can now read it, and he’ll write it down. Take that piece of paper to the Locksmith on High Street, and they’ll make you a key straight away.

However, there’s a catch. Try to use the key, and the parrot in the Pirate Museum will set off its alarm, so you need to distract it with something. Go into the back room in the Museum, and you’ll find a box of cracker mix. Take it, and head back to the locksmith.

There are some ready-made crackers on the desk in the locksmith, but they won’t let you take them. But hand over the box of cracker mix, and the crackers are yours to take. Go back to the Museum, feed the parrot the crackers, then quickly open the case. Voila: the eyepatch is yours.

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