How to Parry in Steelrising

Steelrising review

You’ll face off against many opponents when playing Steelrising, and to succeed you’ll need to learn how to deal with their attacks.

Typically you have two options when it comes to dealing with incoming attacks in Soulslikes such as Steelrising: blocking them, or dodging out of their way. Although there’s a third option if you’re skilled or simply feeling risky: parrying. The question is, can you parry in Steelrising? And if so, how?

You might be glad to hear that you can parry in Steelrising, but only with a selected range of weapons. Basically, each and every weapon in Steelrising has a special move, and to parry you’ll need one that has a counterattack. Numerous weapons in the game have a counterattack special move, so check each and every weapon that you find. If you want to parry in the game, make sure you equip one and make it your active weapon.

Once you have a weapon with the counterattack special move equipped, you parry just like you would in most games. Simply wait for an enemy to attack, then just before the attack hits, press the special move button (the left trigger). If timed correctly, Aegis will deflect the attack and follow up with a powerful counter. By equipping certain modules, you can make your counterattacks more powerful too. Be sure to check any modules you get to see if they’ll benefit your playstyle.

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