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Let's Build a Zoo

How to Pay Back a Loan in Let’s Build a Zoo

Have you taken out a loan in Let’s Build a Zoo and aren’t sure how to pay it back? Here’s what you need to know.

In management sims such as Let’s Build a Zoo, borrowing money is not always a bad thing. If you’re careful, it can give you the push you need to drive your business further into profit, meaning you can pay it back sooner. So how, then do you pay back a loan in Let’s Build a Zoo?

The answer is, you wait. When you accept a loan in Let’s Build a Zoo, you’ll have a percentage of your profits taken each week, typically 10%, until the loan is paid off. After however many weeks, provided you haven’t plunged your zoo further into debt, the loan is paid off and you can go on with your zoo-managing life.

But what if you want to pay it off early? Unfortunately, you can’t, and that might seem unfair. But the thing about Let’s Build a Zoo’s loans is that there’s no interest, so there’s no benefit to paying them off early. Being in debt might not feel good, but there’s no danger of falling into the debt trap. You won’t end up paying interest on interest on interest.

So, if you want to pay back a loan, you just have to give it time.

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