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How to Perform a Synergy Attack in Soulstice

Essentially putting players in control of two characters at the same time, to succeed in Soulstice it helps if you make them work in unison.

Play well in Soulstice, and its protagonists Briar and Lute can work together to unleash powerful Synergy Attacks. Not only are they flashy but also highly damaging, and so you’ll want to perform them as often as you can. The game does a poor job of explaining them, however, so how do you perform a Synergy Attack in Soulstice?

To perform a Synergy Attack in Soulstice, you first need to raise Briar and Lute’s Unity level. That involves playing effectively, performing combos with Briar and counters with Lute without getting hit. Look in the top right-hand corner of the screen and you’ll see Briar and Lute’s portraits get closer together as their Unity level increases. When they meet and turn gold in colour, you’re able to perform a Synergy Attack.

By default, you can only perform a Synergy Attack with your sword. Do so by pressing the sword attack button twice quickly, waiting for a second for the sword to flash, then pressing the sword attack button multiple times afterwards. Get it right, and at the end of the combo Briar will perform an additional powerful attack.

To perform Synergy Attacks with other weapons available to Briar, you’ll not only need to unlock the required combo with each weapon, but also the associated Synergy Attack in Lute’s skill tree. The sword remains possibly the best way to initiate a Synergy Attack, however, thanks to numerous upgrades being available that make it more powerful and easier to perform.

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