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Let's Build a Zoo

How to Release Animals in Let’s Build a Zoo

Are you playing Let’s Build a Zoo and want to release animals into the wild? Here’s how to go about that.

And yes, we do mean release as in set free, rather than release them into your zoo’s bacon sandwich making building. So if you’re following Let’s Build a Zoo’s negative karma path you can forget about sending animals back to the wild. But if you’re not an evil zookeeper, Let’s Build a Zoo will let you release animals.

In order to release your animals you’ll need to build a Release Hub. Why? Because captive animals aren’t necessarily capable of looking after themselves in the wild, having spent years being looked after by humans.

However, before you can build a Release Hub, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Get your positive karma up to 40
  • Research the Release Hub through your Research Hub

Once you’ve achieved those goals, you can build the Release Hub and release animals into the wild. You’ve done your bit to undo man’s folly. That’s assuming your animals aren’t eaten the moment they step into their new, wilder, home.

If, on the other hand, you just want to get rid of animals and don’t care about the ethical considerations, there are other ways. You can euthanise them, donate them, or trade them with other zoos. The latter option is very handy for getting new animals, but the catch is that the zoos typically want a specific variant.

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