How to Remove Bones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering how to remove the bones blocking your way in the Sunlit Plateau region of Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

Each region of Disney Dreamlight Valley has some sort of obstacle stopping you getting around. The marsh has mushrooms, the forest has tree stumps, and Sunlit Plateau has bones. You need to know how to clear them to be able to cross a bridge to get access to a second half of the area – but doing so is tied to a character quest. And it just so happens that the character who will give you the quest is not yet available in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It seems that removing the bones in Sunlit Plateau will be tied to that area’s resident character, who is not currently in the game. We believe it will be The Lion King‘s Scar, who is due to drop in the next few weeks as part of the game’s first major update. And so, at this very moment in time, there’s no way to remove the bones in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Not all is lost, however. You can still access the other side of Sunlit Plateau in one of two ways. First, you can unlock the Forgotten Lands for 20,000 Dreamlight. By travelling through the Forgotten Lands, you can reach the upper areas of Sunlit Plateau.

Or you can use the wishing well ‘trick’ that we’ve talked about before. Each area in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a well that you can use as a fast travel point. You need to pay some coins to unlock each one first. But once they’re unlocked, you can move them freely in Furnish mode. Move the well to the unreachable area of the map, then fast travel to it. Voila: you’ve reached an unreachable area! You’ll just need to fast travel back out of the area when you’re done.

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Scar update will be coming soon, and we’ll have more information on it when it lands.

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