How to Remove Doors in Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace: Shipbreaker has you taking ships apart piece by piece, but how do you avoid removing doors without turning them into too many pieces? Read on.

The first question to ponder is: are you sure you really want to remove that door? When you get to the medium and higher level ships in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, they’ll often be pressurized and just opening, cutting or generally messing with doors can cause problems. We recommend you read our How to Depressurize a Ship in Hardspace: Shipbreaker guide first.

But if you’ve already got the ship ready to go, you’ll need your laser cutter and to have closed the door. Then you need to:

  • Switch to line-cutting mode (right on the d-pad)
  • Use the laser-cutter to start cutting around the door frame, not touching the door but just the frame
  • Repeat this on all four sides of the door. Don’t try moving it just yet
  • Now, peek at the corners. You’ll notice that the door also connects in the corners so detach those pieces too
  • When you’ve done that you should be able to use the grapple tool to pull the door out and recycle it

There you go. There’s more money for you and you can recycle doors to your heart’s content.

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